Phase 3 Exploration of digital technologies alternatives


Hackety  Hack

Hackety Hack was developed out of the notion that all computer programming had to be complicated and difficult.  Hackety Hack uses a programming language in a more traditional way called “Ruby, ”whereas Scratch uses a graphical (visual) programming language based on the concept of blocks where students do not have to worry about syntactical and memorisation issues, where the blocks fit together in a correct way.  Students programming with Hackety Hack use an integrated text editor to begin building ruby applications and by the end will be comfortable with basic programming syntax. 

Students in Years 7-8 could use Hackety Hack to meet the needs of the Australian Curriculum where students are expected to “develop and modify programs with user interfaces involving branching, repetition or iteration and subprograms in a general purpose programming language” (ACARA, 2013  p.71).



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